Distance Learning and Shared Responsibility at Harvest Baptist Academy

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Distance Learning & Shared Responsibility

Kindergarten – Grade 12

We offer grades 1-12 Christian distance learning and shared responsibility programming to Alberta school aged students (full-time and part-time).

Distance learning courses are entirely teacher directed. Students who choose this option would be learning at home using materials chosen and assessed by the teacher.

In our shared responsibility program, the parent outsources education in subject areas to the school. In grades 1-9 HBA must teach a minimum of 50%; in high school HBA must teach a minimum of 20% of the year. For example, if a student chose to homeschool gym, health, science, social studies, and art, the teacher would provide instruction in English Language Arts and Math.  

Our courses are designed for any student with an Internet connection who prefers flexibility, convenience, safety, and a Christian worldview. Our distance learning courses meet all the learning outcomes of the Alberta Programs of Study. Our teachers are eager to help and communicate regularly with students through email, video chat, and phone calls.

Our dedicated staff love working with supportive parents and students who are focussed and organized. Distance learning works especially well for independent learners who are motivated. Younger students require adult supervision.

  • Students can work at their own pace within a semester or year. Students are encouraged to complete all course work by the middle of June.

  • Students can work independently on their courses any time giving them flexibility in pursuing other commitments; teachers are available for support during office hours.

  • Students can fill in the gaps and focus on the skills they need to develop in conjunction with teacher directed materials and assessments.

  • Inclusive Education teachers work with students and parents to develop Individual Program Plans (IPP).

  • Alberta adults have access to a variety of courses to complete their high school diploma, improve high school marks, learn new skills, and/or fulfill post-secondary requirements.

Students who want to attend post secondary can obtain an Alberta High School Diploma through our Distance Learning Program.  

An Alberta high school diploma shows students have proficiency in the scope and sequence of the Alberta curriculum. 100 credits at a high school level are necessary to achieve this diploma.

Home-based learners can earn the diploma-required 100 course credits at home through any one or more of the following options:

1. Take the Alberta accredited courses through an HBA teacher via distance learning.

2. “Course Challenges” as provided for and described in the Guide to Education publication from Alberta Education

– Challenge exams for the core subjects (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies).

– Portfolio assessments for physical education and options/elective courses.

For more information on how to transition from homeschooling to a career, go to the Alberta Learning Information Service EXPLORE EDUCATION AND TRAINING OPTIONS IN ALBERTA – ALIS . For information about MyPass CLICK HERE

Registrations are accepted until the third week of September for the first semester and during January for the second semester.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to learn more about the program.